It was then proposed that MissMary Carpenter who was studying for the Ministry could become lay Pastor at East Bergholt with the further prospect that she should be invited to become Minister when she passed her final examination in September. This course was agreed and Miss Mary Carpenter took up her duties as lay Pastor in June 1947. Then having passed her examinations the Rev. Mary Carpenter was inducted as Minister on 19th February 1949 and continued to serve the Church until 25th October 1953.

 The Church was then without a Minister for eleven years, but services continued with help from supplies. During this period various renovations and improvements were made to the Church. In October 1959 the old Manse was sold for 2,000, and in August 1960 the work of building a new Manse was put in hand for a price of 2,245.In August 1963 a plot of land in White Horse Road owned by the Church was sold for 1,508. In December 1963 plans were passed for the building of new toilets.

 In July 1964 Pastor Brignall from Ridgewell was invited to the Pastorate. He accepted and commenced his duties in September 1964. He was a very practical man and did many useful jobs in the way of repairs and improvements around the Church. Pastor Brignall retired at the end of 1970, and was succeeded by the Rev. D. Adshead and his induction service was held on 16th January 1971. However he did not stay long. He worked as an insurance broker - his insurance business increased to such an extent that he had no time for Church work and resigned in September 1971.

 Rev. Adshead was followed by Mr. Gordon Ward who with his wife had worked as missionaries for many years in China and Malaysia. He commenced his duties in November 1971. In 1972 discussions took place on the implications of joining with the Presbyterians in the United Reformed Church, and at a special Church Meeting on 21st March 1972 there was a majority vote against joining the U.R.C.