A Monthly NewS letter was started in June 1974. This was made possible by the purchase of a duplicator with funds left to the Church by Mrs. Dale and Miss. B. Peck. In January 1975 the Post Office shop and Chapel House were sold by the Church for 11,000.

 The Church was then without a Minister until 14th December 1980 when Dr. T. A. Burkill arrived. He was quite unlike any of our previous Ministers. He had spent many years abroad in America and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) - his most recent appointment being head of the Department of Theology at the University of Rhodesia. He was certainty a very learned gentleman -his full title being

Revd. Professor T. A. Burkill MA., B.D., S.T.M., Ph. 0., 0. Phil., ft Lift.

He had written numerous books which had been published, and contributed to many learned journals. Perhaps we had been unduly impressed by afi his learning. At a Church Meeting on 11th February the following entry appears, Dr. Burkills sermons whilst of undoubted literary merit were not very easy to follow. However he continued with us until 15th June 1984 when he suddenly died.

We were then without a Minister until 26th May 1985 when Rev. Edwin. J. Softley became our part-time Minister on a shared basis with St. Clements Church, lpswich. Then from January 1988 Edwin Softley became a full time Minister at East Bergholt.

During the night of l6th/l7th October 1987 a terrible hurricane swept across the country; our Church building suffered serious damage - slates were ripped off the hail roof allowing rain to enter and damage the ceilings, large lumps of brickwork were blown down from the front facade and the porch was damaged by the fatting bricks. As the bricks were over 130 years old it was necessary to have matching bricks specially made and supply of these bricks is stilt awaited (January 1989). Fortunately alt the repair work was covered by insurance. In 1986 a new lighting system was installed in the Church and a new modem electric Quartz-ray heating was installed in 1987.