At this period Anniversary Services were held on a weekday, and there were afternoon and evening services. The Bicentenary Services on 19th June 1889 are a typical example.

 At the afternoon service the Rev. Arthur Griffiths L.L.B., B.Sc. preached an earnest, practical discourse. The ladies, as usual, provided trays of tea to which about 160 sat down. The evening meeting was presided over by R. S. Everett Esq. and suitable addresses were given by five other Ministers, and the meeting was crowded.

 How different from our present anniversary celebrations with just one service on a Sunday morning. However did they get 160 people to amid-week afternoon event?

 Unfortunately there is now another gap in the records. One complete Minute Book is missing, covering the years 1890 to 1905. The Minister from 1889 to 1923 was Rev. C. Stanley

In the early 1900s it was usual to have two Annual Meetings each year. The first was known as the Annual Meeting of Members and Subscribers and the second, held a week or so later was called the Annual Church Meeting. At the first mentioned meeting officers of the Church were elected. As well as Secretary and Treasurer members were elected for the following duties: -Auditors, Door Keepers, Harmoniumists, a Tea Committee, delegates to the Suffolk County Union and to the Free Church Council. Also in the early 1900s 200 Almanacs were purchased each year for free distribution and an aged persons tea was given at Christmas time.

 At the Annual Church Meeting the roll of members was read and the number of attendances each had made at Communion Services was given. Any members who had failed to attend for six or more consecutive months had their names removed from the roll unless they had a justifiable excuse. At this meeting Deacons were elected..